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What sorrow is this
Can’t this heart understand
A deaf plea like my voice to your open ears
What sorrow is this
Can’t this heart find the answers
A mismatched jigsaw puzzle in the ocean of broken pieces
What sorrow is this
Can’t this heart bear
What sorrow can’t this heart carry on top of its burden already denting its ends.

– Parveen Maghera


Born to fight

you cry and scream like a child when your heart takes the blade of betrayal, longing for a hold of love to mend the broken pieces, your eyes wonder for the answers but the world is full of unexplained chaos, even a touch of empathy does not warm the frozen heart, but you just breathe my little angel, because in this uncertain, unexpected, unfair world, you are born to be a mighty child of God who is armed with the pain of the world as a weapon to destroy the devils that come back at you a second, third or fourth time, on your own, with a heart that has melted overtime with wisdom and maturity, because my little angel, you are your own hero in this chaotic world.

Parveen Maghera