That moment of thought
When all you want to do
Is hide under a rock
Waiting for someone to ask you
What’s wrong
But you know no one will
And you will have to take care of yourself
Amid your familiar world of strangers
From whom you’ve yearned for love
And companionship
And a little bit of kindness
But once you surrender yourself
To the quietness beneath that rock
You let your soul wander
And while the worries and sorrows are consumed by the serenity
You feel empty and light
And your heart finally opens
To the reality of nature
That you control your mind
More than anyone else
And you tell yourself
You can live
In a familiar world
Of strangers

– Parveen Maghera


Us, Not The World

The story of the world
Don’t make us
But we choose to live by the words
Of the world
Which claim the righteousness of our soul
Only to leave us drowning
In our own river of confusions
Of what is right for the world
And what is right for humanity

– Parveen Maghera