Born to fight

you cry and scream like a child when your heart takes the blade of betrayal, longing for a hold of love to mend the broken pieces, your eyes wonder for the answers but the world is full of unexplained chaos, even a touch of empathy does not warm the frozen heart, but you just breathe my little angel, because in this uncertain, unexpected, unfair world, you are born to be a mighty child of God who is armed with the pain of the world as a weapon to destroy the devils that come back at you a second, third or fourth time, on your own, with a heart that has melted overtime with wisdom and maturity, because my little angel, you are your own hero in this chaotic world.

Parveen Maghera

Poems, Thoughts

My playground and garden

and just like every other day I tell
the woman in the mirror each morning that
the world is not just my playground it
is my garden where I can choose to
plant the roses and
water them with love or
let the weeds consume the
beauty I fail to envision so I tell
the woman in the mirror that while
the world is my happy playground bustling
it is also my beautiful garden exploding

— Parveen Maghera

Poems, Thoughts

Lost Angels

we’re all angels in this world, but we do not know because we forget how much we have to offer, the gifts we can give are all drowned in our own pursuits of what society demands from us, and that is the same society that begs our altruism, but how could we find our hidden angels again when the same path to altruism is rigged with competition, popularity masked under each act of charity, how could we tell the authentic from the inauthentic any more in this world of fabrication, I yearn for the angel we were all born with that began glowing right in our mothers’ wombs and then into her soft embrace, the angels are on earth, but they’ve lost their paths, because we forgot about them.

— Parveen Maghera


The Pursuit Of Contentment

Why do people still believe in a happy life
When there is malice in the world
How do they keep themselves satisfied
Are they selfish
Or are they selfless
Do people pray for others
Or for themselves
Is karma real
Or is it a mere tool for survival and
A necessity to do good for everyone
Will I be blessed if I don’t pray for myself
But I pray for the family
That I was born into
But I’m not content with my life
Is this how I should survive
Can I wish for my happiness over others
In my pursuit for others’ wellbeing
So that as I pray for everyone
There is a smile on my face
Enlightened by a beautiful heart
Is there a righteous being ever on earth
Who can shine an unforgiving light
On the good truth of the right way of life
It’s troubling for my heart to choose
Between us two

I need an answer
To let my heart and mind
Be one
So when I leave everyone in the world alone
I’m happy and there are too

– Parveen Maghera