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Lost and found and lost

Each day, we work ourselves into a deep grave of anomie, detached from our authentic selves who once found meaning but lost it as we lost ourselves, we live a pseudo life where humility becomes burdensome, where the only silver lining are the notes in your wallet, a means and end of itself, we’re all simply zombies living paycheck to paycheck, letting the ball roll into someone else’s court, yet they say this is the reality you cannot escape five days in a week,

you’re granted forty-eight hours to find yourself, only to lose it again at 9am the next morning.

– Parveen Maghera

Poems, Thoughts

The 7th Day

what’s with this restlessness

every night

that doesn’t vanish by morning

when the sun rises

you’re happy

to be alive

to be able to move

but you leave your house feeling a little sleepy and moody

and get to work with a drag

but you leave your office feeling relieved

and look forward to dinner at home

and the following nights seem all right

mornings thereafter seem slightly better

but finally on each 7th day

the restlessness arrives again

that lasts till the morning

you get to work with a drag and yawn every hour

but you’re relieved when you step out of the door

and then all seems fine till

that 7th day



– Parveen Maghera