all over again

as the needles move

they kick, punch, stomp, scream

clambering to keep in line

with the dozens around

a routine on stage

with payers to watch

they perform to get paid

no it is not a choice

but a chore with a purpose

to breathe

to eat

to feed

to enjoy that purpose

and when the leather is empty again

they realise how fast the needles moved

look back and think

why is it a routine

who are the payers

what are they paid

they think, kick, punch, stomp, scream

drag themselves to the line

to be part of the routine they question

a performance for whom they seek answers

and paid for accepting the stage

the leather is filled again

their purpose becomes priority

forget the questions they ask themselves

and smile

and drink

and serve

and it is empty



– Parveen Maghera