Poems, Thoughts

Sugar dust

I want to sprinkle some sugar dust on you, to tell you how much sweetness you deserve in this world that has robbed your beautiful soul its innocence, the bitterness you are drowning in is what I want to save you from, these choppy waves of heartbreak have made you forget the divine seashells on the shore, I just need you to pick one up and observe it, listen to the sounds of the angels calling you back home to your true self, which I will bring back with some sugar dust.

— Parveen Maghera


The Admirer

… blending into the background
with your presence around me
forces my innocent soul
to surrender itself
into a whirlpool of emotions
every electric current
sends sensations to my brain
persuading me to emerge confident 
and kiss you in a second
but it all falls into a matrix
a simulation no better done
than my fantasy mind… 

– Parveen Maghera