Poems, Thoughts


I see no stars
But big clouds
Pitch black
It’s time
To shut the eye
And return to
The fantasy world
Where everything was perfect

– Parveen Maghera

Poems, Thoughts

Leave Me Alone

Did you ask me
How am I
Oh boy
Each morning no longer feels like a challenge
The heart is tired
Every day is a drag
Can you ask me a different question
How about that new assignment
No, not that
Wait what is that
We have a new worksheet
Don’t talk to me
I’m going to sleep
It’s troubling
Oh yes it is
Where has my energy disappeared to
You can tell, can’t you
Read my eyes
Tell me it’s true
I don’t even want to do this anymore
I cannot stand your voice
Any longer
Let me be with myself

– Parveen Maghera


The Broken Dream

Everything is circling
Around me like a tornado
I grab the wall
Rub my eyes
And a yawn escapes from my mouth
I look at my bed
A reminiscent of the ocean blue
I jump on it
And hurt my toe
But I don’t feel the pain
I can only sense the ocean
I’m finally swimming
It looks so comforting
I stretch far to reach the seashell
But I’m jostled awake by the sound of crash
There are glass pieces on the floor
By my bed
I lay back and stare at the ceiling
Bring me back to the sea
But I can’t
It’s only the ceiling
And my bed
And the shattered glass on the floor

– Parveen Maghera