Droplets of water
Fall off the roof
This intense fear
Of silence
Beneath a comforting weather
May this not bring me back
To the black cave of memories
A distant past
Buried deep in the graves of
My empty heart
Let the rain fill them
With sweet moments of life
So when the lightning strikes
And thunder roars
The electrical signals of my heart
Continue to give me the blissful life
That even silence reassures me
That I’m safe
And happy, not fearful
And alive, not dead

– Parveen Maghera

Poems, Thoughts

It Ain’t The End

The weather of hope
Can be ruined by the
Rain of despair
But when the sunlight of bliss
Makes its presence
It’s time to smile
At the rainbow of possibilities
Because there isn’t an end

– Parveen Maghera