Poems, Thoughts

An unusual shift

an unusual shift from chaos to peace
leaving me a dearth of feelings I once found familiarity with
what is anxiety, stress or annoyance
or what is being happy in contrast to all these
like an empty page in a fresh notebook off the shelf
my pen is inkless as I write in twirls
the words are there but invisible
like the blank slate of my mind
a child’s innocence in a new enclosure
I’ll wait for time to paint some colours on the paper
as I wait to see how beautiful this page will be
watch it narrate this new path of a life
that felt strange the moment I stepped into an unusual shift from chaos to peace

– Parveen Maghera


I’ll be okay

Notice that bit of surprise popping in each word I’ve said, the smile that sparkles a galaxy in my eyes, boy I could speak a million diamonds worth of love now, for this one moment that seems magical, extraordinary, because the norm ceases to exist, and for once I can believe that

I’ll be okay.

– Parveen Maghera

Poems, Thoughts

My playground and garden

and just like every other day I tell
the woman in the mirror each morning that
the world is not just my playground it
is my garden where I can choose to
plant the roses and
water them with love or
let the weeds consume the
beauty I fail to envision so I tell
the woman in the mirror that while
the world is my happy playground bustling
it is also my beautiful garden exploding

— Parveen Maghera


Hope For You

The exhaustion
Is leaving me gasping for air
Each time I leave
Your perimeters
But I’m drawn back to you
On a thin strand of hope
Because I see positivity
Beneath your pessimism
But there will be a time
When you will be left alone
And your anger escapes
Only to hit the walls
And come back at you
Only then will you realise
You forgot
That we were humans too

– Parveen Maghera