What is your religious belief of not eating beef?

Alright. Don’t come at me for this article after what I’ve written. It’s a truth that is being hidden from all of us, or rather, not hidden.¬†We just don’t take the effort to find out.

So why can’t I try a piece of steak?

The most common reasons I’ve heard from all my Hindu friends, relatives and the parental unit was, “it is a religious belief”. I questioned, “what exactly does it mean?” My mother told me once that because milk was very valuable for Indians – we drink lots of tea, Hindus bathe the statues of the Gods and Goddess with milk, milk is used to clean the resting place of the Guru Granth Sahib in the Golden Temple – it is therefore important to respect the cow for offering us this “blessing”. That didn’t seem to be a “religious” oriented belief. It seemed practical. It seemed rational. Save the cows. Get your milk.

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