Save Yourself

Be so content with yourself that

when you are hurt

by forces from the outside

you have happiness from within

to save you

from falling harder

— Parveen Maghera


I’m Coming

She stared

like a child

at his amazing features

pulling herself closer to him

finally seeing the creases on his skin

too old

too pale

too quiet

too solemn

too white

she lay next to him

and grabbed his cold hand

and played with his fingers

and scratched his palm

and kiss his hand

and held it tight

she whispered

“i’m coming too”


– Parveen Maghera



this inferno spreads through my body

it shouts the cries of peril

unsynchronised gestures

red eye monster

consciousness fade little by little

wait, where am I?


I need to leave

drums beating down my head

my wheels are far away

I am a tree swaying in the wind

the smell of leather and dry ice

taste of bile in my mouth

spit, cough, waterfall


slam my feet on the pedal

need to leave this dungeon

why is it so foggy today?

my lashes are damp

the lights are blaring

lost in this darkness


I am suffocating within myself

my head is damped

the wheel is red

press on, press on but

they stop me from the front

blue uniforms drag me out

I wasn’t the only one in red


my hands are tied with silver chains

a white blanket covers her

the redness never ceased to flow

like my endless chugs

it’s a start of something new

where did I go wrong?


– Parveen Maghera