Poems, Thoughts

Work in progress

I’m still tying the fragments of my childhood to the

untidy pieces of my teens,

to be that woman I think I could be,

I’m still a work-in-progress,

a continuous labour of emotions,

would you still be there to see me

build my palace of dreams,

an empire of love and

a universe of never-ending hope?

– Parveen Maghera


A Breeze Of Hope

Escaping into the wild

and surrendering yourself to fate

you see only a mere glimpse of your goal

a far cry from your desire

and you take that first step

that plunges you into a thunderstorm

you are hurt


but the jewel of your life

tumbles to your feet

you scream

in shock or surprise

thanking yourself

for just that one step

when all you needed

was a breeze of hope

– Parveen Maghera


Hope For You

The exhaustion
Is leaving me gasping for air
Each time I leave
Your perimeters
But I’m drawn back to you
On a thin strand of hope
Because I see positivity
Beneath your pessimism
But there will be a time
When you will be left alone
And your anger escapes
Only to hit the walls
And come back at you
Only then will you realise
You forgot
That we were humans too

– Parveen Maghera