Revenge in Honour

These two chapters were written for my final creative assignment for a Creative Writing module. The novel is named “Revenge in Honour”.


With the sun bathing the window from the outside, Rick’s face outlined with the rays as he gazed out at the empty road, like a small boy yearning to leave his room and hit the streets with his skateboard. Clad in his favourite maroon sweatshirt and cargo pants, he looked more matured, like a father of two, but as he turned and smiled to my direction, blood rushed to my cheeks as he revealed his boyish dimpled grin.

“You’re awake?” Rick grabbed the chair and moved it closer to the bed. “Any weird dreams this time?”

I rolled my eyes and switched my gaze over to the dresser. Squinting at the unusual red package, I asked in my broken voice. “What’s that?”

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