Poems, Thoughts


how does it feel like to have renewed faith
a kind that reminds us that it is only us who is in charge of our own lives
whatever fate may be we decide and let be
now I take this oath to remind myself
that I am my existence
that this humanity is my strength and You my hope
and I remind the little one down the street
that I see the star in her eye
because she did too

– Parveen Maghera


A Breeze Of Hope

Escaping into the wild

and surrendering yourself to fate

you see only a mere glimpse of your goal

a far cry from your desire

and you take that first step

that plunges you into a thunderstorm

you are hurt


but the jewel of your life

tumbles to your feet

you scream

in shock or surprise

thanking yourself

for just that one step

when all you needed

was a breeze of hope

– Parveen Maghera