Poems, Thoughts

(i’m sorry)

i never pondered about why
your eyes always drooped low
ringed with dark circles, wrinkles that cut deep into
your skin like agony slit your heart in blades,
i question the reason for your submissiveness
you don’t seem any different from years before,
but i learnt you hid things
from me so i can soar to where i am now
at a stage where everything is crystal clear
we were all never happy,
because we grip onto short-lived happiness
or search happiness in the wrong places
because you chose this life out of obligation
full of compromises with effects
that seep into my life now,
i ask myself why i have to face this
if only you made a stronger stand
against what i have now learnt to avoid
for the rest of my life
but i can’t blame you
because you weren’t taught
to be fierce enough
and make a decision
to teach the misogynists
how to treat a woman

but i shall take the lead today.

— Parveen Maghera



The same lone star twinkles in the black carpet of sky

Like a diamond that she can’t feel

But only its glint she can admire

Oh what diamond she speaks of

When she can only look intently

At the child licking the strawberry ice-cream she can’t have because

A dollar is too expensive

For the father who spends a hundred on the horses

She looks back at the star that twinkles again

She smiles

At least

Content that

At least

The star is nobody’s property

Only available for the eyes

At least

Some equality

– Parveen Maghera