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What sorrow is this
Can’t this heart understand
A deaf plea like my voice to your open ears
What sorrow is this
Can’t this heart find the answers
A mismatched jigsaw puzzle in the ocean of broken pieces
What sorrow is this
Can’t this heart bear
What sorrow can’t this heart carry on top of its burden already denting its ends.

– Parveen Maghera


A New Phase Of Life

I have never felt so “adult” in my life especially since last year. It’s funny how we often say that “age is just a number” — which is true — but we find ourselves facing more problems as we age. And these problems or issues are only deemed to be problematic to us because we have experienced much in our lives to understand the gravity of the situation we are in. But then, this sentence only contradicts the former because even at a very young age, you experience a lot more than others, and when you grow older, you have more experiences and life moments to reflect on to ascertain the current issue you are facing, or, for the matter of fact, your future. And this is probably why some people comment, “You’re too matured for your age! I didn’t know you’re 21.” Yup. Okay.

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