Poems, Thoughts


Speak for one and
the world screams blood
tears of justice
form oceans of dismay
and heartbreaks
of death storms the sky
off its light, but the words
will keep sprinkling magic
till the universe begins
to accept the plea
for one.

— Parveen Maghera


the piece

I cut myself loose from this puzzle
with a snap from the scissors but
it won’t stay away insofar as
these feelings find themselves
right back into the same incision
to fill it as though
they’re screaming at me to go back
to where I was and start again
because I belonged there,
but I don’t want to be a piece of this puzzle
I cannot fathom, I want to be
the one who can mess the pieces
so you can feel
like a piece of my puzzle for once

— Parveen Maghera