Poems, Thoughts


This anxiety
A fear unspoken
Tightens my heart
Impeding my ability
To breathe
It’s difficult to act out
What you preach
When you fall into
A hole where all you see
Is darkness
Enveloped with fear
And anxiety
Nothing else
Perhaps if you control your mind
The ladder out of the hole appears
But will the fear and anxiety bury you deep
Till it’s a blank slate
And you forget what it’s like to be happy
What did it mean to be yourself
It’s time you make a pretence of your reality
Under the watchful eyes of those around you
Whom you can hopefully trust
To save you from yourself

– Parveen Maghera


A Breeze Of Hope

Escaping into the wild

and surrendering yourself to fate

you see only a mere glimpse of your goal

a far cry from your desire

and you take that first step

that plunges you into a thunderstorm

you are hurt


but the jewel of your life

tumbles to your feet

you scream

in shock or surprise

thanking yourself

for just that one step

when all you needed

was a breeze of hope

– Parveen Maghera


The Admirer

… blending into the background
with your presence around me
forces my innocent soul
to surrender itself
into a whirlpool of emotions
every electric current
sends sensations to my brain
persuading me to emerge confident 
and kiss you in a second
but it all falls into a matrix
a simulation no better done
than my fantasy mind… 

– Parveen Maghera