It Could Have…

I tell him the truth

with my cheeks blushing

i scurry out of the room

biting my scarf while grinning in delight

the time is finally here

i can be what I want to be

he will love me more I suppose

after all the failures

this would be my first success

that would mean a lifelong relationship

he won’t leave I’m very sure

i hope he is excited, I hope he is jumping around!

who else should I tell?

no, I can’t handle this

i’ll let him do it

i should stop running

i need to take care of myself

and him

and the new one

i can’t believe this

it’s a sign of our love

i walk back casually

but it seems different

why does it look so solemn?

this is not my home

where is he?

why are there so many people crying?

they must have done it

i hear someone say

what… is that?

why is there a garland on my photo?

this is insane

done what?

why didn’t they wait for the doctor?


this can’t be

but why?

we could have made things better

i was going to make things better

why did you have to do this?

i should have deserved another chance

it could have been different this time

it could have been a boy…

– Parveen Maghera


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