Poems, Thoughts

An (Un)necessary Post

I’ve been oblivious

I’m sorry

But what happened,

can you tell me?

Where did I go wrong

What were our faults

It was just a conversation

I dare not ask you more

But I need to go back there again

And you will go deeper into your emotions

But why did it happen

You miss it very much

No, perhaps not,

What you did was for a reason

And you’ve succeeded after so much troubles

How could you be mean to yourself?

You put me in a fix

Did I not treat you well?

How can I be better

If you also don’t help yourself

Your wife said let it out

You did but you are not satisfied

I can tell that

Why do you say you are not worth it

When your very job interests my friends

I did not tell you this

How do I?

I cannot handle this emotional confrontation

That’s why I speak through the written word

Not that you will read this

But I’m going to post this anyway


– Parveen Maghera


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