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Laughing Away Your Embarrassment

Feeling embarrassed of a certain embarrassing moment in the past when you reflect on it now makes you vulnerable to being embarrassed by it again, and all the swords of embarrassment come stabbing you in the heart and you wither and cry once more in the same corner of your bedroom, feeling too embarrassed to show your face again. What if your entire past was filled with embarrassing moments, more than half of which you are unaware of? What if you have witnessed embarrassing moments of others but dare not reveal to them, in fear of embarrassing them again? Why do their embarrassing moments seem funny to you? Why then can’t your past embarrassing moments make you giggle instead of cry?

Your laughter at your past is testament to your life now, which inevitably will bring about new embarrassing moments. Isn’t it always better to have reasons to laugh about when you look back at your past than to cry over them? Isn’t it always better to celebrate a person’s life after his death than to cry over him?

The world needs more happy people. So, be one of them.

– Parveen Maghera


Let It Go – Chapter Five

Here’s chapter five of Let It Go! Read chapter one, two, three and four if you haven’t!



 The knock on the door jolted her out of her seat.

“Lady!” Dan bellowed.

She jumped, and hid her books and the letter under the mattress.

“What are you doing in there?” He snapped. “I know you are in there. Don’t hide.”

She quickly pulled her sweatshirt over her tank top and moved forward to open the door.

He stood there tall, towering over while she dipped her head low, clenching her fists behind her. He shifted his weight to the right while he rested his right arm on the doorframe. Bending closer to her, he whispered in her ear.

“I missed you.”

She shut her eyes real tight, and stammered. “P..ple.please leave me alone. Please.”

He pushed her into the room with his body and locked the door behind him.


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Poems, Thoughts

An (Un)necessary Post

I’ve been oblivious

I’m sorry

But what happened,

can you tell me?

Where did I go wrong

What were our faults

It was just a conversation

I dare not ask you more

But I need to go back there again

And you will go deeper into your emotions

But why did it happen

You miss it very much

No, perhaps not,

What you did was for a reason

And you’ve succeeded after so much troubles

How could you be mean to yourself?

You put me in a fix

Did I not treat you well?

How can I be better

If you also don’t help yourself

Your wife said let it out

You did but you are not satisfied

I can tell that

Why do you say you are not worth it

When your very job interests my friends

I did not tell you this

How do I?

I cannot handle this emotional confrontation

That’s why I speak through the written word

Not that you will read this

But I’m going to post this anyway


– Parveen Maghera


Your Worth

You come home feeling down, and you tell yourself that’s just the last straw. You cannot take this pain when they put you beneath their feet. Your self-esteem is wrecked and all you want to do is lie in bed, bury your face under your favourite pillow and tell yourself you’re not worth it. You cry and your pillow is soaking wet. You fall asleep and you find yourself awake the next morning, staring at the ceiling while the sun rays bathe the room. You wake up and drag yourself to the washroom. You freshen up and pack your bag. You leave for the day. You kiss your mother goodbye and wave at her as she watches you from the window. You walk to your destination, a place where you had longed to reach. You think about the struggles you went through and the internal victories you acquired. The people who have come and left did not let you move away from the path you had set your eyes on. And now you are going to that place without any form of resistance. You realise that no one ever appreciates the past that produced your present and no one will ever, apart from yourself. No one will bother to ask. But you know what it took to achieve what you wanted. Look back at yourself and look at yourself now. What do you see?

I see a strong, independent individual who has learnt the struggles of life and is not afraid to fall again. The fallacy of hard work is real as ever but you have surpassed the boundaries and put your flag on what you rightfully deserve. You only have yourself to congratulate.

Enough said. You are worth far more than the jewel in their closet.



Childhood Innocence

Faint whispers I hear

As I stay up all night

That sudden screech from above

A sudden shadow passes by

I walk out to the living room

It is pure darkness

Just a little light shining through the curtains

And the sound of the wind against the windows

I return to my seat

My fingers jumping across the keyboard

Someone coughs from the next room

I jerk as my heart skips a beat

Taking in a deep breathe

I adjust my seat

The screech comes back

And the faint sounds return

I shut this down

Off the lights

Lay in bed

Hugging my pillow in fright


– Parveen Maghera