I’m Free

My feet ache

Those anklets prick

These earrings are too heavy


But wait, what do I see?



That’s what I need

All I need

What am I even here for


My feet needs to ache

Those anklets can prick

These earrings will be heavy


But that treasure in their hands


Can take me to places

Perhaps far away from here

Rid of this guilt

An escape from such shame


A million tries won’t hurt

This is the time

My hands are glowing


But wait, will it happen?


She takes half of what I earn

I beg for mercy but

She throws me into another hall

I fall into the same trap again


My elegance is of the royal

Among the royal

Who don’t treat me like one


But all I can see is the treasure


I’m desperate, oh yes

I see an open window

My bag is packed

One gold bangle and a pair of earrings


It’s a success

I see the brightly lit street

Men with eyes full of lust


But, is this real?


I cover myself in a red shawl

And run out of the colony

The trishaw brings me into an orphanage

It’s filthy but it’s a good filth


A good filth, I’m free

Shoosh, don’t tell my mother I’m here

She’ll throw me into another hall.


– Parveen Maghera


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