Thank You!

I know for some, having your phone next to you is the biggest distraction during your study break (when you are mugging for your finals), but for me, it no longer serves as a “distraction”. It is, to be very honest, my only link to the sane world where people are wrecking their brains the same way I am!

Yes, you could ask, “Why aren’t you studying together with your friends then?”

Well, let’s put it this way: I live two hours away from school, we all like our private space of study and we might just end up talking about something else instead of studying. Trust me, your friends could be your biggest distraction… me included. 😛

So once we’re in our private space, we get all the freedom to do what we want. You name it — stretch your body like a cat, put your feet up on your study table like a boss, have the entire table to yourself which end up looking like a jungle of papers of notes scribbled with doctor’s handwriting. Yes. My handwriting. 😦

But wait… studying together means sharing of knowledge right?

I agree. What are technologies for?

My group chats on WhatsApp will flood many times! We constantly engage in thorough discussions of our concepts and analysis. We take pictures of our notes and share with one another. We’re selfless, aren’t we? Oh, and sometimes Skype or Facebook works too!

Yes. We live and thrive in the virtual generation. It gives us the ease in doing things, just like how we are able to study on our own, yet be with our friends at the same time... virtually.

The technology around us works like a social structure. We are so reliant on it that if it is gone, it would seem as though a calamity had struck us. It’s just like how chaos could ensue when we have no social structure in our society! I learnt this in class.

Alright. Enough of the sociological imagination.

My key point:

What I would like to share is that what keeps me sane is not really the ability to converse and discuss with my friends. It is, in fact, our conversations of goodwill! We are not only discussing or brainstorming. We also check on one another. We make sure we are still “alive”. We perk one another up. It creates a sense of care and concern — you know that your friends know that we are not alone in this. This is beginning to sound like a really serious situation but I hope you get my point.

It makes me happy. I feel loved! And I hope I made you feel loved too!

I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you! I can’t even imagine my state of mind without such a concerned circle of friends.

And not forgetting what complimented our late night conversations:




tea (lots of it…  I need to ‘nail’ my masala tea some day!)


Let It Go – Chapter Four

Here’s chapter four of Let It Go! Read chapter onetwo and three if you haven’t.



It’s my birthday today. And I haven’t received a single wish in two years. Well, who else knew about my birthday apart from my parents? Maybe they are secretly wishing me, from wherever they are but the truth is, it’s not the same at all.

I yearn for someone to talk to. I yearn for love. But all I get is hatred. Disgust. Loathe. Lust. I’ve just turned 15. And I’m writing this letter to rid my pain, physically and mentally. It’s very dark here, in the cellar. I can hear footsteps above me. It’s very cold. My legs are shivering. The candle is still lit, but only enough to give me light to write this.

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That rusty brown crust — how inviting. My hand inched forward and in a second, a stinging pain rose up to my arm. My hand stood paralysed in the direction of the brown treasure. I looked up and she was there. Her frown and big blue eyes hit right to my heart. I stumbled behind as my heart skipped a beat, toppling over a whole stack of hand-woven baskets.

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I said no more
No more of you in my head
Terrifying pictures
Hopeless desires
A truth that pricks the heart
But I know its stupid
And it no longer feels exhilarating
In the beginning you were the fire
Now you’ve turned into a frozen frame
Fire, frost and fantasy
A whirlpool of feelings
You take me places in my mind
But I’m isolated in reality
You are a tiresome fantasy
I’m weakened by your everlasting attraction
No more can this soul bear with
Get out now

No more can this soul bear with…

– Parveen Maghera