Let It Go – Chapter One

So this is something I’ve just started on. It’s going to be a novel though I’m not very sure how long it’s going to be. I’ll be posting chapter by chapter. The style I’m trying to adopt is inspired by Khaled Hosseini’s books and you would realise it later on as you read several chapters. But of course, its not entirely like his style and how effortlessly he does it. Nobody can beat this amazing dude! Till then, here’s chapter one of “Let It Go”.

Don’t lie. That Frozen song just started playing in your head, didn’t it?




He stood there, towering over me while I hugged my knees tightly close to my chest. He inched forward. His smell – one that reeks disgust. My eyelashes were wet with tears which hung on my waterline, waiting to roll down my cheek, staining them wet. Just like him. Waiting to caress my skin, my body… with lust in his eyes. And. Staining me. Forever.

I knew he would come back into my life. His world will collide with mine once again. But there would be a difference. I wasn’t his fresh meat. He will use me again. For one last time… before he threw me far from the world to a place where he believes dirt like me belong, where many infidels are known to find their resting place, where society’s immoral beings are cursed with… a place like hell. But ironically, he is the angel. Angel of demons? And obviously, that won’t be a very fast process per say as much I’d love to. I knew him very well. I took in a deep breath and pushed the covers aside. I couldn’t let the same dream hinder my day. It was the most important day for every child in Britain.

From 16 June 2014, parents who force their child into a marriage will be dealt as a criminal offence and be sentenced up to seven years in prison. Definitely this extended to aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and strangers perhaps. Can I sue them now? Would that ease my pain away? Not the scars though.

I looked up at David Cameron, and then Saima Afzal, complimenting them in my heart for such a brave step. The media carried it as the “powerful message” against such marriages. For once, I believed the world was beginning to morph itself into a safer place.

“Taz,” someone called from behind. It was Jas, the head of our social organisation and my second mother. “Taz, I need your help. The new volunteer is here. Remember the guy I sent you the information on?”

“Oh yea,”

“Yes, go speak to him. He’s at the lounge area… pretty head-on-heels type. He may really offer us some good service. Go get yourself comfortable with him. You’d be managing him as I had said last week.”

I hugged her and scurried off to the lounge, eager to take on my first volunteer. I had initially hoped for a female volunteer as it would have been convenient for me to communicate… after all that has happened in the past years. Then I thought he could probably be like my younger brother, treating him with sisterly love. Though that was some luck I was gripping on as Jas hadn’t revealed his age to me. I didn’t know what to expect… and well definitely didn’t expect what I saw.

Sitting at the rightmost velvet armchair was a man (bad luck) who seemed to have rather long legs, I thought. I figured he could be 6 foot tall or more. His black collared shirt outlined his masculine psyche that would make many girls drool. His fine facial features and boyish haircut made him the perfect model package. He was a stunning man.

Wait…. when was the last I said that to any man, I thought.

I slowly approached him, adjusting my hoodie over my shoulders and pushing my hair behind my ear. I walked up and stood five feet adjacent to the sofa. I was just an “excuse me” away. But I couldn’t. I began to shudder in fear. He was a man after all. It’s never going to be easy.

“Erm, hello,” he said. I hadn’t realised I’d been staring at him for the past minute. When did he even turn?

“Uh hi,” I said, while I awkwardly reached out my hand. “I’m Taz. You here as a volunteer, am I right?”

He looked at me for awhile and smiled. “Yes, I’m Ron. Nice to meet you.” He shook my hand firmly. I quickly took my hand away and tucked them in my hoodie pocket and gestured him to follow with just a slight tilt of my head.

“So you’re here for experience or…” I tried. I did. I tried.

“I just thought this organisation is doing a very good job. I mean saving many children, young girls and not forgetting some males I must say. Can’t believe they have to go through such horrific situations.”

I swallowed.

“You’ve been here for awhile?” He asked.

“Five years I would say.”

“Wow, really love the job you guys are doing.”

I smiled. “And you will be part of it soon. Tell me more about your interests and how exactly you can contribute.”

Not a single word registered in my brain.


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